This page is dedicated to the true MVP's behind all of my music. To all of the BowBelle "super-fans" and producers that brought




to life by backing the project on KickStarter, I want to shine the spotlight on you! It is because of you that this new music exists, and it is because of you that I am able to keep creating and hopefully inspiring you through storytelling and all the musical vibes.  Thank you for being #bad2theBow, and for joining me on this journey! I am truly grateful for your unending support.



Bow Belle

associate producers

Dani Albertina

Julie Almeria

Samantha Bell

Shab Boettle

Lindsey Borders

Jennifer Bosley 

Oakley Boycott

Neht Brodrick

Flor Bromley-Mass

Cate Bruce-Low

Mark Brown

Sandra Butler 

Stacy Cadolini

Heather Capelle & Artistree Performing Arts 

Tahira Clayton

Gillian Coleman

Brianna Eckhardt

Rascha Eijbersen

Gabriella Ferrari

Chloe Flores 

Victoria Minthorn-Garnat

Brandon Golden

Leon Glover 

Jude Grey 

Lynda L. Hahn 

Joi Haynes 

Audra Hebard

Katie Kesler

Beau Knapp 

Brandi Lacy

Masha and Hanna Lakhter 

Aileen Lanni

Eric Fotre Leach

Rebekah Lindsley

Roger Marmol

Leslie McFadden

Neil Meharg

Liz Meyers

Lizzy Miller 

TJ Monohan 

Thomas Murphy 

Ben Nechvatal

Ramone Parker Davis

Mary K Rawlins

Danielle Roncos 

Katie Roth 

Tricia Remark 

Kendall Sands

Johanna Santana

Marc Santos 

Giancarlo De Sena

John Shirah 

Olivia Snarski 

Rony Stav

Kelsey Steele

Clint Toledo 

Tiffany Topol

Katie Walker 

Cory Washington

Nikki Wood 

Achaia Wong

Kevin White


Co-Exec. Producers


Joyce Allaire

Anika Anvekar 

Melinda Berney

Gal Jurick

Maggie & Molly Kingston

Mikaela Leo

Karina Lopez

Candice and Cece Postel 

Mark R. Roberson

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark aka "Rapping Dad"

Proud Choir Mom 

Jeremy Michael Schulz 

Stephanie Weaver 


Executive Producers

Rose Bonilla 

Jennifer & Drew Goodman

Victoria “Viclite” Houston

Bonnie & Taylor Ponte 

Kathryn Swanson 





Bow Belle Music:

                      Hall of Fame 

New York, NY, USA

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