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BowBelle Bio

Adrielle Bow Belle Afro Unicorn Singer

Adrielle “Bow” Belle is an award-winning singer/songwriter out of Spanish Harlem, in New York City. This self-proclaimed "Pop Punk Princess," has several notable songs including 2021 ISC Vocal Performance award winner "Breaker Blues," (Prod. by J Grooves), 2020 HMMA Nominee 'Come Home Tonight' (Prod by Raspo), and   2017 UOSC (Pop) Category winner (and debut single), ‘Runaway’ Prod. by Mantra. The Nightlight Visual E.P. has also been critically acclaimed (as featured in FosterNation Magazine and IndieMediaReviews).


With every new release she continues to move us through the music with her avid storytelling and heartfelt lyrics. Music helped Bow Belle to find her voice, after it was silenced through a turbulent past spent overcoming childhood physical abuse. She wearied the foster care system and eventually became a homeless teen-runaway, before she "aged out" at 18 years old and finally found a "forever home" in NYC. Her music is a “testament for all of those who have had to become their own 'light at the end of the tunnel'."


She writes emotional, anthemic, and inspirational music: "Fight songs" for all of the survivors of the world.


-"I'm a 'Valentine's baby,' and every song I write is my gift to you: Wrapped up with a bow, and filled with spikes and chains for all of the 'troubled youth' out there. Sending love through my lyrics to anyone who could use a little more."


Xoxo #bad2thebow



Belle vehemently strives to use her art as

a platform to empower others through music. When not on stage or in the studio, Adrielle Belle acts as a teaching artist for children and young adults (piano, voice, acting, dance). She co-founded SSASY! in 2011 alongside Broadway Vocal Coach, Christopher Stephens. Their youth musical theater intensive was listed in Time Out NY Kids as one of the best performing arts classes in Manhattan, and she continues to offer private voice lessons and musical theater workshops throughout the year. 

adrielle bow belle teaching artist nyc
adrielle bow belle best teacher nyc


She is also the co-founder and business director of MusicVideoMoguls, a dance company in Manhattan specializing in street hip hop and commercial dance training for kids. Her mission within arts education is especially important as it pertains to all those that can relate to her background as a former "foster kid."  She believes that every person (young and old!) deserves a chance to be heard, and to have a voice. "So sing out, and dance like no one's watching!"

Bow Belle is a spokesmodel for several notable brands that promote self-love, happiness, health, and diversity.

Belle is a mentor and advocate for survivors of childhood abuse and sexual assault, and also works vehemently to better her community through movements like Black Lives Matter.

Adrielle Bow Belle Goli Gummies
Adrielle Bow Belle Goli Gummy Influencer
Adrielle Bow Belle Sachika Tease Clear Mask
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Faith, trust, and pixie dust!

xoxo Bow Belle

adrielle bow belle -afro unicorn
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