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SongTell with Adrielle Bow Belle

Breaker Blues 

"Breaker Blues" by Adrielle Bow Belle is a song about the uncertainty and anxiety of falling in love. The singer never thought she would be the one to risk her heart and emotions in a relationship, but she is now caught up in the intense emotions that come with love. She is hesitant to say "I love you" to her partner because she is unsure if he will return the sentiment and is worried about what she will do if he doesn't.

The chorus of the song emphasizes how much he affects her emotional state, causing her to feel heartbreak and longing for his presence. She can't stop thinking about him and is waiting for him to call, hoping that they can talk about their relationship. She wants to know if he feels the same way about her as she does about him, and is wondering if he is playing with her emotions as a heartbreaker.

The second half of the song describes the ambivalent feelings she has towards him and their relationship. She asks him if he will break her heart or if he will be hers forever. She also mentions how she gets butterflies when he holds her tight, showing that she is not entirely guarded and is emotional invested in the relationship.

Overall, "Breaker Blues" is a song about the complicated emotions that come with falling in love and the fear of getting hurt. The singer is hesitant and guarded, but is still emotionally invested and longs for her partner's love and presence.

adrielle bow belle singing breaker blues

Bedtime Story 

"Bedtime Story" by Adrielle Bow Belle is a poignant and emotional song that touches on the theme of child abuse. The lyrics depict a child hiding in fear, wishing to escape the pain and trauma that has been inflicted upon them, and desperately seeking comfort and security from their parent or caregiver. The child is afraid of the monsters under their bed and seeks solace in a bedtime story, hoping to be transported to a different, happier reality.

The line "I heard your footsteps coming closer to my door" suggests that the child is fearful of their parent, or perhaps an abusive figure who is responsible for their suffering. The child feels like a burden and is made to feel responsible for their caregiver's pain, as evidenced in the lines "You gave me all your pain, I wish you never had me." The song also touches on the idea of pretending to be in a different story, indicating the child's desire to escape their current situation and find comfort in a fantasy world.

Overall, "Bedtime Story" is a heartbreaking depiction of the devastating effects of child abuse and the desperate need for love and security that children in abusive situations often experience.

Adrielle Arieh Bow Belle singing Bedtime Story Central Park

Lights Out (Brick By Brick) 

The song "Lights Out" by Adrielle Belle featuring Adrielle Bow Belle, describes the fear of being caught by an unknown person when alone in the dark. The lyrics use the metaphor of Little Red Riding Hood to depict the vulnerability of the narrator in this situation. The song prompts the listeners to be cautious and not to fall for any false temptations that may lead them to danger.

The lyrics also convey the struggle of dealing with personal demons and past traumas. The line "Can’t escape from my demons baby, they still rock me to sleep" implies that no matter how much the narrator tries to move on, her emotional scars continue to haunt her and interfere with her life.

The repeated chorus, "It always happens when the lights go out," reinforces the theme of danger and the fear of the unknown, both in physical and emotional senses. The lyrics suggest that sometimes we cannot control what happens to us, but we can try to understand ourselves and seek help in dealing with the aftermath of those events.

Overall, the song "Lights Out" conveys a message that in life, there are situations that we cannot control, and darkness can leave us vulnerable to danger both physically and emotionally. The song encourages listeners to be cautious, seek help when needed, and not to let their fears control their life.

Lights Out Adrielle Bow Belle singing

Written in the Stars

The song "Written In the Stars" by Adrielle Belle is essentially a love song about a past relationship that ended, but the singer still yearns for her lost love. The lyrics describe how the relationship was "fated" and "written in the stars", suggesting that it was meant to be. The singer describes her former partner as her "sunrise" and how they made everything "alright". The line "You were my Juliet, I was your Romeo" is a clear reference to the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, which also dealt with star-crossed lovers.

The song describes how the relationship had its ups and downs, and the couple had their share of arguments and issues. Despite these problems, the singer still misses her lost love. She remembers the good times they had together, and wishes they could go back to those days. The lyrics describe how the singer feels lost and alone without her partner, and how she believes they were meant to be together.

The overall meaning of the song seems to be about how fate brings people together, and how difficult it is to let go of someone who was meant to be in your life. It's a romantic and bittersweet song that speaks to the universal desire to find true love and hold onto it forever.

adrielle bow belle singing written in the stars

Breaking News 

"Breaking News (Soul Food)" by Adrielle Bow Belle is a powerful song that speaks on social and racial issues faced by the black community. The lyrics address the constant news of police brutality and the lack of attention given to the victims. The chorus, "Black lives don’t matter til they matter to the ones holding the guns, you better run", highlights the fear and anxiety felt by the black community in their encounters with law enforcement.

The song also touches on the lack of media coverage and attention given to missing black girls and women, and how society tends to prioritize their blackness over their gender. The lyrics "Good girls, bad girls, can’t escape, don’t even make the news until they turn up dead" symbolize the systemic oppression and neglect faced by black women.

Additionally, the song highlights the injustice and racist bias present in court cases where the defendant's skin color affects the verdict. The lines "one race is guilty by the skin of your teeth, might see another day, keep the coroner at bay, block a bullet, but they’ll catch you by a rap sheet" speaks on a corrupt justice system that disproportionately affects and criminalizes the black community.

Overall, "Breaking News (Soul Food)" is a commentary on the harsh realities faced by black people in America and a call for the world to acknowledge and fight against systemic racism and discrimination.

Breaking News Soul Food Song Adrielle Bow Belle

Falling (Mirror, Mirror)

The song "Falling" by Adrielle Belle (ft. Adrielle Bow Belle) depicts the emotional struggles of someone who is experiencing deep pain and suffering. The lyrics describe feelings of numbness, weakness, and loneliness. The darkness is overwhelming and seems impossible to escape from.

The line "Set me free, fly away, c'est la vie, they won't miss me anyway" suggests that the person is considering ending their life as a way out of the pain they are feeling. They feel alone and forgotten, and their life seems meaningless.

The use of the phrase "Mirror mirror on the wall" suggests that the person is looking for validation and reassurance from their own reflection. They feel trapped and unable to escape the constant pain and turmoil they are experiencing.

Throughout the song, the person's voice becomes more and more faint, suggesting that they are slipping away and losing their grasp on reality. They feel broken and scattered, and their hope for a happy ending or resolution is gone.

Overall, "Falling" is a powerful and emotional song that highlights the struggles of those who are dealing with mental health issues and the desire to escape the pain. It serves as a reminder to reach out to others who may be suffering and to provide support and love in their times of need.

Adrielle Bow Belle singing Falling

Nightlight (Blow Smoke Over Me)

The song "Nightlight" by Adrielle Belle is an empowering anthem about resilience, strength, and overcoming obstacles. The lyrics express the determination to never give up and to rise above adversity, even when faced with challenges and setbacks.

The opening lines, "When the smoke clears, Ashes on the ground, I'll be standing tall, On my feet still strong," suggest a sense of perseverance and resilience. The speaker has been through difficult times but remains determined to keep going.

"I won't ever give up, I won't ever give in, Tore me up inside and out, But I got thicker skin," showcases the refusal to surrender and the ability to endure hardship without losing hope. The lyrics convey the idea of growing stronger through struggle and developing resilience.

The chorus emphasizes the idea of self-empowerment and taking control of one's own destiny. The phrase "Watch me burn, I walk on fire" symbolizes the speaker's ability to face challenges head-on and conquer them. The nightlight becomes a symbol of inner strength and guidance, representing the light that helps them navigate through darkness and fear.

The lyrics also touch upon the challenges of being underestimated and doubted by others. Lines like "They said I'd never be nothing, Clawed my way outta the dark" speak to the speaker's defiance and determination to prove the doubters wrong. The use of metaphors like "laying out on the streets at night, No preacher man could find a way, To help me find the light" further highlights the struggle against societal limitations and the search for personal growth and fulfillment.

The song encourages listeners to break free from societal norms and expectations, represented by the lines "Kick down the door, break the rules." It urges individuals to embrace their uniqueness and to find their own path in life.

Overall, "Nightlight" is a powerful anthem promoting resilience, self-empowerment, and the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity. It serves as a reminder that inner strength, determination, and self-belief can help overcome any obstacles and lead to personal growth and success.

Bow Belle Nightlight EP Visual Album

Clouds (World Goes On)

"Clouds (World goes on)" by Adrielle Bow Belle is a deeply emotional song about feeling disconnected from the world and struggling to find a sense of belonging. The song tells the story of a person who had to find ways to escape from the difficulties of their home life and childhood, seeking solace in riding their bike, hiding away, and saying prayers in the hopes of finding someone who hears their pain.

The song suggests that the world can be a cold and lonely place, where bad news and tragedy seem to be all too common. The lyrics speak to the experience of feeling torn apart and unable to find reason in what is happening around us. The repetition of "We don't belong" and "Can't carry on" reflects the sense of isolation and despair that the song is expressing.

Ultimately, though, the song reaffirms the idea that there is hope, even in the midst of difficult times. The repeated phrase "Hear an echo saying let go" suggests a small ray of hope, inviting the listener to let go of their struggles and find a new sense of purpose and belonging. "Clouds (World goes on)" is a powerful and poignant song about the struggles of life, the feeling of being disconnected from others, and the importance of finding hope in the face of adversity.

Adrielle Bow Belle Recording studios

Runaway (Get out, Get out, Go, Go)

The song "Runaway" by Adrielle Bow Belle (ft. Adrielle Bow Belle) is about escaping a situation or life that has become unbearable. The lyrics describe the protagonist's need to flee from a dangerous or abusive situation, encouraging them to leave everything behind and start anew. They have to be careful and stealthy - sneaking out of the front door and climbing out of windows - to avoid being caught by the people they are running away from.

The protagonist is depicted as someone who has hit rock bottom, someone who hasn't eaten in days and is begging for spare change just to survive. They feel broken and damaged, invisible to society and without any support. They are hoping for better days and a sense of freedom. The song portrays the feelings of desperation, fear, and hopelessness that come with being in a difficult situation and feeling like there is no way out.

The song also touches on the theme of abuse, specifically the abuse of vulnerable people who have nowhere else to turn. The protagonist meets a nice family who takes her in, but eventually, she is exploited and forced into servitude by the head of the family. The song shows that even when people try to escape their problems and find a better life, they are not always safe from harm and mistreatment.

Overall, "Runaway" is a commentary on how difficult it can be for those at the bottom of society to find their way back up and find the support they need. The song is a call to action to help those who are going through tough times and to recognize and value the humanity of those who are often marginalized and ignored.

Come Home Tonight (Somebody, Please)

"Come Home Tonight" by Adrielle Belle ft. Adrielle Bow Belle is a song about a longing to return home and the unpredictable nature of life. The lyrics reflect the sense of urgency that one feels when the future is uncertain, and one is unsure of what will happen next. The first verse presents the desire to "get home tonight" and to see the "sun shine one last time." The repetition of this phrase throughout the song reinforces the urgency and longing to return home.

The second verse begins with the realization that time is fleeting and the importance of living in the moment. The phrase "It never happens / Til it happens to you" alludes to the fact that life can change unexpectedly, and we should cherish every moment we have. The third verse expresses the regret of missed opportunities and the desire to go back and "Check it off as you go."

The bridge delves into the tragic reality of violence and death in our world. The description of gunshots ringing in the dark and sirens blaring down the block creates a visceral image of a violent event. The repetition of "Somebody please help me please" emphasizes the desperation in these situations. It also suggests that we are all connected and responsible for one another's well-being.

Overall, "Come Home Tonight" is a song that acknowledges the uncertainty of life and the longing for stability and security. It reminds us that we must make the most of every moment and be grateful for the time that we have.

Come Home Tonight Adrielle Bow Belle

Growing Up 

The song "Growing Up" by Adrielle Bow Belle touches on the challenges and pressures of adult life while longing for the freedom and innocence of childhood.

The opening lines suggest financial struggles, as the narrator mentions being down to their last dime. They feel like just another face in the crowd, trying to break free from the weight of others' expectations. There's a sense of being overwhelmed and pushed down by the pressures of society, symbolized by the repeated phrase "pressing me down."

As the song progresses, there's a yearning to escape the monotonous routine and conformity of adulthood. The narrator reflects on their childhood dreams and the feeling that anything was possible. Singing into a hairbrush to their favorite songs on the radio symbolizes a time of innocence and imagination.

The chorus encourages embracing freedom and taking risks, symbolized by spreading wings and riding the wind. The rat race of adult life is seen as confining, and the narrator rejects the notion that success is solely defined by societal expectations, such as graduating, getting a job, buying a house, and so on.

The lyrics suggest a dissatisfaction with the American Dream and societal pressure to conform. The line "Guess the American dream is scraping by til you die" conveys a sense of disillusionment. The narrator questions whether their efforts and struggles will ever be acknowledged or if they will continue to feel lost in the pursuit of their dreams.

The song's conclusion reflects a desire to hold onto the carefree and adventurous spirit of childhood. The repeated line "I don't wanna grow up" expresses a longing to recapture the innocence and sense of possibility from earlier years. The song ultimately captures the bittersweet nostalgia and the longing for liberation from the pressures of adulthood.

Adrielle Bow Belle Growing up
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