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Behind the Music: Blush & Written in the Stars

I never thought I would be able to "fall in love" or be in a relationship after everything I'd been through growing up.

And then I met my Romeo...

Bobby Kashif Cox.

Our relationship was far from perfect...but he changed my life, forever. And I miss him every single day.

Blush is a single of the MiSFiT EP, released June 20th, 2017. KashifMariah Music (Bobby Kashif Cox) produced the music for both Blush and No Boyz Allowed, for the EP.

We wrote Blush together, as a "sappy love song" with purposely corny lyrics. An inside joke between the two of us.

He lost his battle with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, 1 week shy of the release date for the EP. but his memory will live on forever though his music and all of the lives he touched in his 33 years.

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