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Growing Up Is Hard To Do...

I wrote my new single "Growing Up" as a testament to what it's like to be pursuing an "impossible" dream. The kind of dream that people say is unrealistic. The kind of dream that people say has an age-limit or an expiration date. The kind of dream no one truly believes that you'll be able to achieve, because they feel like they could never do it themselves. So what makes you so special?

Well, I've always been a renegade and I've always known that the 9-to-5 rat race was never going to be for me, at least not permanently. I've had to accept many jobs as a means to an end, and I don't think there are many 'survival jobs' that I haven't done. I honestly feel that every person should have to work six months in retail or some other form of customer service as a way to teach empathy and manners, because it is...we'll call it, 'character building.' Spoiler alert: The customer is never actually right. LOL

In any case, my dream of being a singer/actress and touring all around the world performing for huge audiences and inspiring people...that dream has kept me going since I can remember. Ever since I was little, and watching my idols: Namely, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, rule the charts. I wanted to be on stage, in the spotlight, performing. It was where I felt the most 'me.' Even when I was younger and shy and timid...performing made me so happy. And that feeling you get...when you're alone in your room dancing to your favorite song, and using your hairbrush as a microphone? That's a feeling that I vowed that I would never lose. Even as I got older and the dream seemed further and further away, with each passing year hitting me like countdown clock to when that dream might 'expire.' I had to hold on to that feeling. That wholeness that happened when I just believed, and let go, and dreamed freely without dwelling on the implausibility of it all. Just focusing on the 'magic.'

Millennials definitely love us some nostalgia. We love reminiscing on the 'good old days' and I truly believe GenZ is totally missing out. We are the generation of generations, because we got to experience some of the highs and the lows of all of the generations around us in some capacity. We are super well rounded. We got two recessions under our belt- and a whole pandemic! But we will always have Britney Spears. We will always have Zoog Disney Original Movies. And we will never be torn down by 'the man' because we'll always have a Simple Plan. I'm just a kid- at heart. Always and forever. And even when I'm 99 years old, I will never be a 'grown up.' I'll always be a dreamer. I'll always remember the dream.

I hope you guys enjoy my new single, Growing Up- and I hope it reminds you of life and how you used to be... Back in the Day.



With love,


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